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Addressing the Growing Shortage
of Skilled Workers in the
Construction Industry:

Learn why business automation is the key to helping you bridge the skilled trade workforce gap.

The shortage of skilled workers in the trades could become a serious chokepoint for the construction boom.

In a 2017 report, the Washington State Auditor found that employers in the skilled trades are having difficulty finding enough workers. According to the Associated General Contractors of America, 70% of construction companies are having difficulty finding workers for their jobs. And the US Department of Education reports that there will be 68% more job openings in infrastructure-related fields than there are people training to fill them.

Manual record-keeping is time consuming, mentally draining, and often inaccurate.

Trying to keep track of rapidly changing timetables and deadlines on a traditional handwritten system, like a whiteboard or Excel spreadsheet, leads to missed opportunities, upset customers, or under-utilized employees, all of which impacts your business’ bottom line.

Find out how you can use automation to help you improve operational efficiency:

   80% Skilled Trade companies still operate their business manually.

70% Construction Companies Are having difficulty finding workers for their jobs.

Metropolitan cities are loosing on average 12% of their skilled trade workforce every year.

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